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Maid Matgo


Please be a New Master of the Maids~♥The New Adventure Begins Now! 1. Secret Story Matgo of Maids!+ Story of a Maid with Perfect Body and Hot Personality!+ Find the Lost Treasure Map and Battle them!+ Bonus Secret Gallery following the Stories!
2. Beat the Maids who Seduce You!+ The Only way to Resist! Battle and Win!+ Only the Strong Man can Conquer Them!+ Get Rare Items and Enter Special Dungeon!!
3. Cutie Maid VS Sexy Maid + Dangerous Girls who Play with Men’s Heart!+ Unbelievable~! They were this Hot!?+ Customize them as Your Taste! Woo♡
4. Added RPG to the Matgo! Totally Brand New Genre!+ Scenario that of a RPG+ Find the Treasure Map and Battle!+ Rare Items that Only Appear in the Dungeons!
5. More Charming SD Characters with Sexiness+ Cute Little Maids! Wanna Have Them~!+ Find the Cutie Costumes for Little Maids~!